Testimonials from Neurofeedback Victoria Clients

Neurofeedback is amazing. My 10 year old son suffers from an anxiety disorder and started brain training under Charity Bryant's watchful eye. The changes in him were almost unbelievable. Better behaviour, better sleep, less anger, and fewer symptoms of depression. I have a happier, more relaxed kid and owe it all to neurofeedback.- Parent of a Young Neurofeedback Victoria Client
I’ve loved my sessions at Neurofeedback Victoria with Charity, what an amazing thing she has going on there. As I have more sessions I can increasingly feel the shifts that her NeurOptimal systems are helping me with. I feel less scattered, clearer in my thoughts, goals and directions and more ease in integrating big changes in my life. What makes it even better is that the sessions feel safe and deeply relaxing as I open my mind to healing and growth in the gentle space she has created.- Connie, NeurAlive Client
I always look forward to my brain training sessions with Charity. I sleep better afterward, and no longer need sleeping medication. I feel that I have more internal space to deal with life’s challenges. I feel less panicked inside. I truly hope that more people will experience this transformational technology.- Adult Male, Neurofeedback Victoria Client
Our child's progress has been amazing since starting sessions with Charity.- Parent of a Young Neurofeedback Victoria Client

For 30+ years I have struggled with anxiety. I have been frustrated with the side effects of medication and that my symptoms always return. I was curious (and a bit skeptical) to try neurofeedback after learning a lot in my studies about the brain’s plasticity. My experience from the NeurOptimal sessions with Charity has been nothing short of phenomenal.  After a few sessions I reduced my medication in half. After 5 sessions I experienced what many have called a “shift”:  my mind was so clear, my body relaxed and I felt so happy. Overall I am much calmer, have more clarity and feel more joyful. I recover more quickly from stressful events. While I still experience some anxious thoughts, I have not had the visceral reactions in my body and the thoughts leave very quickly.  As well, I am less irritable and have a lot more patience. I look forward to more sessions and really encourage others to try this non-invasive approach.

– Allison, Neurofeedback Victoria Client

Charity has given me my life back! I have been going to Neurofeedback Victoria for 2 months and have completed over 15 sessions and counting. I suffered an acquired brain injury after a serious illness that left me with brain damage similar to a concussion. I was unable to organize my thoughts, overwhelmed by noise and public places, forgetting what I was doing, constantly forgetting appointments…you get the picture . My inability to function as my former self left me feeling depressed, anxious, and defeated. Neuroptimal and Charity have changed all of that. I can’t explain how it works, but I can tell you that my memory has improved, my thoughts are more organized, the fog has lifted, my depression and anxiety are drastically decreased. Not bad for just having to sit and relax for 33 minutes! I have been blown away by my positive results in such a short amount of time. My loved ones have also seen a huge improvement in every way. So much so that several of my family members are now seeing Charity at Neurofeedback Victoria so they can function at their best. My husband and children also go. Neurofeedback Victoria has turned into quite the family affair! Thank you Charity from the bottom of my heart! Xo

– Neurofeedback Victoria Client

Neurofeedback Victoria is absolutely wonderful. The sessions bring more balance and clarity and really bring a sense of greater wellbeing. I feel better and more balanced emotionally, as well I actually feel mentally sharper! I’ve suffered from a traumatic brain injury. It seems I feel better and more myself each time I’ve been. The holistic effects go very far! The staff are knowledgeable and great, and Ms. Charity Bryant really knows her stuff. I have full confidence with her work and the sessions she provides here. I know I’m in good hands at Neurofeedback Victoria — I highly recommended it! 10/10.

– Charles, Neurofeedback Victoria Client

Neurofeedback for Children in Victoria, BC

Testimonials from NeurOptimal® Clients Around the World

“As a university student myself and who has only been using the system for a couple of weeks I have already noticed it impacting my studying. The improvement I’m most happiest with is an ease of writing papers… I used to struggle with how to articulate my thoughts in writing a paper and now it seems like I can just sit down and write. I have also found more motivation to study and more energy. All of which are major perks when being a student!”

“Neurofeedback has been a great tool for improving my sleep and better managing stress.”

“Although I had only run 6 or 7 sessions, I did feel my focus was stronger, and I had much less anxiety while on stage, doing my routine & poses. I believe it certainly helped me win first place in my class in the Provincial Bodybuilding competition.”

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