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Meta-Analysis: Neurofeedback Drives Enduring ADHD Symptom Improvement
Results from 10 randomized, controlled trials found that neurofeedback significantly reduced inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity for 2 to 12 months after treatment ended for children with ADHD.

Six Case Studies Examining the Effectiveness of a Comprehensive Adaptive Approach to Neurofeedback for Attention Deficit in an Educational Setting
Shannon Warwick, MA
Union Institute and University at Vermont College,Asheville, North Carolina

Effectiveness of EEG Biofeedback as Compared with Methylphenidate in the Treatment of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: A Clinical Outcome Study
Mohammad Ali Nazari1, Laurent Querne2, Alain De Broca2, Patrick Berquin2
1Department of Psychology, University of Tabriz, Tabriz, Iran; 2Department of Paediatric Neurology, Lab. Neurosciences Fonction- nelles & Pathologies, Amiens, France.

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Does NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback Help To Improve Focus/Attention?
A Kid, An Idea, A Study And A Big Payoff
Jules Ford, Founder of OptiMind Neurofeedback, Focus, Clarity, Serenity

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Study confirms Neurofeedback has long-term benefit for Children with ADHD
Researchers compare methods of treating ADHD in children and find that Neurofeedback, a medication-free technique, has long-lasting effects more than 12 months.

Brain training to help with anxiety and ADHD
Linda Ciampa tells us how some patients with severe anxiety of ADHD are using neurofeedback instead of medications to change their brainwaves and help their conditions.

The benefits of treating Attention Deficit Disorder with neurofeedback training 
Neurofeedback training has many advantages over the standard drug therapy currently in use and can help with the treatment of ADD and ADHD.

Although NeurOptimal® does not directly treat ADHD or other learning and attention issues, it is a tool that helps alleviate symptoms associated with these and other conditions by improving the overall functioning of the central nervous system.

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